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BDN ENTERPRISES - India's First Customised Water Purifier BDN ENTERPRISES proud to introduce ourselves as a Manufacturers of Customised Water Purifier™ / water Cooler / water Dispenser in the brand name of BDN ENTERPRISES since 2015. BDN ENTERPRISES Water Purifier provides one stop solution for all drinking water purification / water treatment needs, based on raw water Quality, Requirement and Usage. BDN ENTERPRISES Water Purifier is the first company in India introduces Customized stainless steel water purifier/ water cooler / water dispenser, which are designed and developed by a team of professionals based on their 3 decades of experience in the water purification industry. We at BDN ENTERPRISES understands the need of our customers requirement, study their raw water quality & infrastructure, accordingly design a water purifier | cooler | dispenser to give 100% satisfaction to the users by way of purity and aesthetics. BDN ENTERPRISES We all know Seventy-one percentage of earth coverage is water yet; only three percentage of surface water is pure. Adding to our woe, rapid urbanization, exploding population, spreading industrialization Etc., have increased the demand for pure drinking water phenomenally. What makes the issue complex, however, is the fact that there is no single solution to water impurity, as claimed by many water-purifier brands. Purification methodology suitable for a given location varies from another, depending upon the contents and nature of water and ecological and geological features The advantage of BDN Enterprises is that, we understand this complexity and handle it comprehensively. We customize our product according to your need and raw water. BDN Enterprises is single solution where there is demand for abundant pure water: We at BDN Enterprises makes customized stainless steel water purifier | cooler | dispenser for Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Industries, Group Dwelling, etc… Few advantages of BDN Enterprises Customised Water Purifier™ 1.BDN ENTERPRISES coming with the option of choosing water purification methods (RO, UV, and OZONE) based on the quality of raw water. 2.BDN ENTERPRISES has an advanced, Micro controller based PCB ensures 100% purity, irrespective of purification methods and raw water quality. It also ensures, auto cut off during failure or malfunctioning. 3.BDN ENTERPRISES uses World’s best purification methods like UV, OZONE, RO etc., which can be inbuilt with full automation, ensuring Conway to be a complete safe water purifier. 4.BDN ENTERPRISES has an advanced preventive maintenance information display, using a logical programming. 5.BDN ENTERPRISES are heavily built, using stainless steel housings, MS powder coated frames and stainless steel legs, ensuring decades of life to the purifier structure, hence value for money. 6.BDN ENTERPRISES has an option to provide warm, cold and hot purified water outlets, make Conway a unique and user friendly water purifier. 7.BDN ENTERPRISES has an advanced, Stainless steel Probe based Electronic Water Level Controller attached to all Conway customized water purifier models, ensures safe storing of purified water at all times and helps to plan re purification using Ozone during long storage of water. 8.BDN ENTERPRISES has a business network across India and we are adding business associates to promote our premium quality water purifier | water cooler | water dispenser, everyday.


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